At last, A new site!

At the end of 2014 I lost the server space I'd been using for 10 years and I lost my domain name. If you'd seen me at the time, you would have thought that I'd lost a beloved dog or something. AlwaysSababa was not *Sababa any more. Some jerkface managed to snap up the domain name before I had a chance to renew it, and they've been sitting on it ever since.

(Yes, I'm a grown woman and I just called some faceless Internet scammer a "jerkface". That's the least offensive thing I can say about people who swoop in to buy up domains that don't get re-registered in time so that they can park the domain and collect ad revenue then offer to sell you back your domain for $5000 or some nonsense. No I am NOT going to pay to retrieve that domain. Those jerkfaces can suck it.)

One thing I've really missed is the notes to myself that used to live on that site in a section called The Ledge Of Know. Sometime soon I'll be importing the content of that knowledge base onto this site. I'll probably call it something else now, though. I'm sure it won't be any less dorky. I am the queen of dorky names for things.  I also had a subdomain on that site that was just my creative writing. I'm not going to put that in a subdomain this time. I'll just put it in it's own section of the site. I'll post all the old poetry and short stories, and soon I'll start posting some new stuff, too.

I'll be adding some other things to this site, as well. I've been doing an occasional podcast called BrainMeats for a while now. I'm going to be doing another set of those podcasts over the next couple of months, so look for those here or at the link. I've been writing about cybersecurity for the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict lately, so I'll have a place with links out to those articles. In July when I presented at HOPE XII I promised that I'd publish the rules for the game of A-holes and Infiltrators that we played in the workshop that Joel Preston Smith and I presented, so I'll post that here, too.

Come back often, and see what interesting things show up!

* Sababa is Hebrew slang, a borrow word from Arabic, that means something like "cool" or "awesome" in American slang. Every Israeli I know swears that no one ever uses that word any more... five minutes or less before they use the word in casual conversation.