My first Onyx Boox Template

A Png file with four boxes for centering my thoughts each morning.

I've had my Onyx Boox Nova 2 for about 5 months now. I like it, but I kinda wish that I'd gotten a larger device. I may break down and buy myself a Remarkable 2, which is the other device I was thinking about when I got this, and either sell the Onyx or share it with family as an ereader on which everyone can have access to my library. That said, the Onyx has some things that I really like. 

I like that Onyx Boox devices are Android devices, which means that I was able to download the Kindle app. Being able to read all the different formats of books I have on one e-ink device is really nice. I also like the general feel of writing on the Onyx Boox Nova 2. It really is like writing in an A5 sized paper journal. It has a lot of built in templates, too, so I can write on lined pages or a grid or even music paper. What the device didn't have was a template for the kind of journaling that I want to do in the morning.

I have tried a few different daily planners that help you process your day and set goals, and I wanted to do something like that, but on my e-ink device. Unfortunately, the planner templates that come with the Boox aren't all that great in my opinion, and they certainly weren't what I was looking for. But today I found out that you can make your own templates for the Boox devices!

You can use a PDF or a PNG to create a template for your notes. Advice I found online said that PNG files work better than PDFs. I used the open source application Krita on my laptop to create a simple A5 page with a place to write the day and date and 4 areas of reflection to help me center and start my work day each morning.

To use this file, just download it to your Onyx Boox device and place it in the /Storage/noteTemplate directory.

If you have a larger, A4 sized device this template may not fill your whole page. I don't really know. But you are free to open it up in an image editing app and enlarge it to fit your needs. On the 7.8 inch Nova 2, this template works perfectly, and I'm really pleased with the result.

I'm sure that I'll be experimenting with creating other templates in the future!